Printing those gorgeous pics!

You took the time to book your session, put down a deposit, do all the prep, drove here, you posed, and rocked it, don't give up now! Print those pictures! Seeing your photos come to life is one of the most fun parts of this whole experience! 

HOW do you do this? It's so darn easy. You don't even have to get up from your chair! 

When your photos are done being edited I will send ya the link for your gallery. As you are looking through your gallery you will see a "Buy" button. Click that and it will bring up all off the goodies!

When you are selecting paper prints by far my favorite finish is "Metallic". It is this amazing 3D look, but not in a scary harsh way. In a perfect way! Also lustre is stunning! So I definitely suggest one of those finishes. 

Purchasing through your gallery give you a ton of options from paper prints, wall art, desk art, they have even added masks if you really wanted to wear yourself on your face! LoL 

If you are looking for MORE options you can order directly from me! 

Below are some other options we have! 

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Photo Books

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These are such an essential in my opinion following any session.

Let's face it, not all photos from your sessions will make it to the wall. Most likely you will have 5 or less absolute favorites and those are the ones that will grace the canvases on the wall. I think it's important though to put all of those precious memories into one organized professionally printed book. Let's just think about the future (makes me sad though)....when your kids are grown or when you are looking back 20 yeas from now you aren't going to be like "Let's pull out all of the canvases and look through our memories. You will want the book! Even say it's the holidays and you want to share the years photos with family sitting around in the living room. There is something to be said about photos that are printed not just lit up on a cell phone screen. 

Here is the rundown on books.


- These are done per session. So when ordering if you have numerous sessions in your gallery just specify which session you would like the book ordered for. If it is a session from the past, no problem! I just need to know which session to include. 

- 30 images per book

When ordering there will be an option of "All Color", "All Black and White", or a "Mixture of black and white & color".

- When ordering you can choose to have your book shipped directly to your house or you can do free pick up at the studio. 

_ Have any questions? Just ask! You can text me at 419-452-0545

- These make AMAZING easy gift ideas also! 


Buzz Books

  • Print your memories with Buzz Books, the affordable softcover photo book.

  • No sacrificing on quality - all pages are printed on a professional quality Mohawk Matte paper (100# text) with a soft-to-the-touch cover.

  • Buzz Books come in one size (6x6") and include 40 pages, with one photo per page.

Purchase on our "Shop" page. When checking out in the notes let me know which session you would like printed in your buzz book. Please let me know which sessions you would like included in your book. We try to keep to one session per book, but with these being 40 pages we can add more than one if it would be a mini session or 2 normal sessions. 40 images maximum.

Price: $40