Everything to know before your

{His Eyes Only} Session

You did it! You were brave and confident (or maybe a little nervous) and you booked your {His Eyes Only} Session! 

We are proud of you! Now what?! Here is everything you need to know for before the session!

1. Let's start by taking a deep breath....because this is FUN and empowering, and ALL about you! You've got this! I promise when you come to the studio it is not intense or awkward. We are laid back and love to laugh and have fun through this. And in the end you get stunning pictures of yourself that you will probably want to show off to the world! I mean not that you will show them to the world, but I promise you will feel so confident and sexy after doing this! 

2. Once your session gets closer do some things for YOURSELF (I know you are probably not used to this) that make you feel good! For some people that might be going to get your hair done (I will list my girl I love below if you want to get on her schedule), or get your nails done, have a spa day to relax. Yo deserve it! 

3. What do you need to bring to your session? 

Answer: weeeeelllll you aren't gong to be wearing too much so......just kidding, but really all you need are a couple of pairs of undies that you like and feel good in and if you want to bring a bra or two that you love. We have a full wardrobe in all sizes and styles here! Now, that being said you are welcome to bring anything you like! If you are doing this for hubby and there is a football jersey he loves, or maybe he works in an office and you want to bring one of his shirts and ties. Things like that are great ideas to bring! 

4. I am now going to say all of this even though I don't think it's necessary because it's common sense, but just so I have covered all details.

* The day of your session come well rested.

* Come with clean hair and if you are coming for The Ultimate Experience come with a clean face so you are ready for makeup........ If you are coming for one of the other packages come with hair fixed and makeup done. 

* Make sure you shave prior to your session.

* Don't wear tight fitting clothing when coming to your session because it will leave lines on your skin. 

I think that's it ladies! To sum it up, don't worry....we got you girl! 

Want to get some color and a cut before your session to feel like you most amazing self?! Well you are going to love my girl Jen! 

Text or Call her to schedule and tell her I sent ya! 567-202-3884

For all of your spray tanning needs......Bronzed By Morgan! If your coming for The Ultimate Experience you will be coming to the studio to spray tan with her prior to your session! BUT you can spray tan with her anytime! 

Text or call her at 419-509-9761.

Q & A

You've got questions.....we've got answers

Are my pictures going to be posted on social media?

Answer: Absolutely not without your full consent. Photos are never posted without someone letting us know they are ok with them being posted or that they want them posted. I would say that only about 10% of session that we do are ever shown on social media. We do LOVE when people let us, but we would never ever without consent.

Will my gallery be private?

Answer: Absolutely! The private link will be sent to you only no one else will be able to see it unless you give them that link. 

Will you help me pose? 

Answer: I wonder what would happen if we didn't lol! Yes, of course. You don't have to know anything about what to do. Through extensive research (me and Morgan wriggling around on the floor awkwardly to figure out what looks right) we know how to make you look best!

How can I order my book?

Answer: You can order it here on the website on our Shop page or just text me or send a message and I can help you out! 

Will you edit me, suck things in, smooth things over?

Answer: Yes girl......anything that needs to be done to make everyone their best selves is done! While still keeping you looking like you.