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I have working with photography since 2013 and I am a mom of 5 boys. When I began they were all little and now they are all between the ages of 11 & 22 which is so hard for me to believe. The older they get, the more you find yourself just staring at them thinking "how did this happen? how are they taller than me and growing into men?" 

I am SO lucky to also be married to my best friend who has ALWAYS supported everything I do, and helped me along this journey. 

I work alongside with my assistant/makeup artist, Bailey. I love, love , love her. It takes a VERY certain type of person to handle my crazy ways, and she just fits right in. She is also just a born hard worker. I love and need a person that doesn't need to be told to do something, they just do it, because that's who I am.....and that's who she is. 

I would love to put out there for you my 'style", but if you know me, you know it changes with season to season. LoL 

Love, Nicole

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